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Mouthpiece Configuration Questions

  1. Country:
  2. How old are you?:
  3. How long have you been playing and/or studying music?
  4. Have you already played other wind instruments? Which ones?:
  5. How often do you play and/or study music?:
  6. Do you study the harmonic sax series (overtones)?:
  7. What kind of sound are you looking for? Please give us a number from 1 to 10 (1= very dark, 10= very bright):
  8. Name some saxophonists who you like?:
  9. Do you play with the upper teeth standing on the mouthpiece? If so, do you do it since you began playing?:
  10. To start the sound on sax, do you use a HOO or THOO articulation?:
  11. Do you use vibrato?:
  12. Do you use voice placement with your throat while playing?:
  13. Do you use the strap so that the mouthpiece’s top is as high as the upper teeth?:
  14. Are the notes from any register (low, middle, high, altissimo) difficult to get for you? Which one?:
  15. What is the brand and model of the horn the mouthpiece will be played with?:
  16. Have you ever played with a metal mouthpiece?:
  17. What is the brand, model and number of your reed?:
  18. What is your current mouthpiece?:
  19. What finish do you have preference for your mouthpiece and what name you want to write on the mouthpiece?:
  20. What kind of sax (soprano, alto, tenor or barithono ) is the mouthpiece intended for ?


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