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How old are you?

How long have you been playing and/or studying music?

Have you already played other wind instruments? Which ones?

How often do you play and/or study music?

Do you study the harmonic sax series (overtones)?

Name some saxophonists who you like?

Do you play with the upper teeth standing on the mouthpiece? If so, do you do it since you began playing?

To start the sound on sax, do you use a HOO or THOO articulation?

Do you use vibrato?

Do you use voice placement with your throat while playing?

Do you use the strap so that the mouthpiece's top is as high as the upper teeth?

Are the notes from any register (low, middle, high, altissimo) difficult to get for you? Which one?

What is the brand and model of the horn the mouthpiece will be played with?

Have you ever played with a metal mouthpiece?

What is the brand, model and number of your reed?

What is your current mouthpiece?

What finish do you have preference for your mouthpiece and what name you want to write on the mouthpiece?

What kind of sax (soprano, alto, tenor or barithono ) is the mouthpiece intended for?

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